Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine


Arranged by Craig Petrie


A lullaby-like arrangement of the traditional carol.  Lyrics have been adjusted a little (what is a diadem anyway?); feel free to put the original ones back if you must.  The first two verses are sung as if the choir wereMary and Joseph, but the remainder of the verses are not.  The MIDI file accidently omits Verse 4.  Can also be sung a capella.






“Joseph dearest, Joseph mine,
Help me cradle the child divine;
God reward thee and all that’s thine,
Dear Joseph mine,” so prays the mother Mary.


“Gladly dear one, lady mine,
Help I cradle this child of thine;
God’s own light on us both shall shine,
His light divine, as prays the mother Mary.”


We sing together at Christmas tide,
At Christmas tide, give praise and sing!
Come, ye children from far and wide this praise to bring.
Jesus, Jesus,
Lo, He comes, and loves, and saves, and frees us!


Thou my lazy heart hast stirred,
Thou, the Father’s eternal Word,
Greater than aught that ear has hear,
Thou tiny bird of love, thou Son of Mary.


Now is born Emmanuel,
Prophesied once by Ezekiel,
Promised Mary by Gabriel,
Ah, who can tell Thy praises, Son of Mary.



All shall come and bow the knee,
Wise and happy their souls shall be.
Loving such a divinity
As all may see in Jesus, Son of Mary.



Little man and God, indeed,
Little and poor, thou are all we need.
We will follow where thou dost lead
And we will heed our brother born of Mary.