Oh, Holy Words

SATB a capella

Arranged by Craig Petrie


A hymn medley about following the prophet and revelation.  I used the music from LDS hymn #279, "Thy Holy Word," as well as the music and adapted lyrics from hymn #271, "Oh, Holy Words of Truth and Love."  Also some lyrics from hymn #22, "We Listen to a Prophet's Voice," were used.  Easy to learn, except perhaps for the first fermata on the last line of the song.  If you have trouble with it, consider having the men's voices stay on the first note rather than moving up to the second.  You may have to fudge the note after that, but you should be able to work it out pretty easily.




Oh, holy words of truth and love
We hear our prophet say,
Revealed to saints from God above
To guide in heaven's way.


Oh words from prophets God inspires
In counsels oft withstood,
Reproving all our ill desires,
Commending all that's good.


Beautiful words of love
Coming from God above.
How sweet, how dear, the words we hear!
They're beautiful words of love.


They're from apostles good and true,
Whose names we all revere,
Who daily teach us what to do,
In words of love and cheer.


Oh, holy words the world now seeks,
To find the narrow way.
Attend ye earth! The prophet speaks;
Come listen and obey.


repeat CHORUS


Oh holy words of love.