An Angel from on High


Arranged by Craig Petrie

This one’s exciting! Don’t be thrown off by the different opening, it’s done for good reason. Angel Moroni comes in the first verse, with majestic, minor chords and a captivating sound. He repeats his exciting message three times (not only two as in the hymn), just as he did to Joseph Smith, but using a different melody. The rest of the hymn borrows the more traditional tune but remains in 6/8 time instead of transitioning to cut time for the chorus. The piece increases in exuberance to the end. Note the use of 4ths and 5ths in the piano and choral parts to suggest subtle bugle calls. Moroni is playing his trumpet with you as you sing!



For the lyrics to this familiar song, see hymn #13 of the LDS hymnbook.