We'll Bring The World His Truth (Army of Helaman)

For Parents and Children

Arranged by Craig Petrie


An arrangement of Janice Kapp Perry's popular song from the LDS Children's Songbook.  Use this sheet music with the accompaniment in the Children's Songbook.  Our family (husband, wife and two of the kids) has sung this for sacrament meeting and other occasions.  I've written a 2nd verse that is appropriate for parents to sing and also created a counterpoint parents' part that fits with the chorus.  Here's how we performed it (these instructions are on the sheet music):


First verse and chorus:  Children only
Second verse and chorus:  Parents only (unison or optional duet)
Third verse:  Children and Parents in unison
Final chorus:  Children and Parents in parts


You can be flexible with the parents' duet part... e.g., my wife sings alto and I sing tenor so I sang the melody on the verse and she sang the melody on the chorus.  Or just do the whole parents' part in unison by singing only the top notes.  This could also be performed with a combined Primary & adult choir.




2nd verse:
Helaman's warriors conquered the foe
With faith they learned from their mothers at home
We too have children we must prepare
In faith, in love, and in humble prayer


Counterpoint chorus:
Faith of a mother, prayers of a father,
Teaching our children while in their youth.
We are preparing the Lord's missionaries
To bring the world his truth.