Your Place In The World

Alto or high soprano solo with optional SSA accompaniment


Original music and lyrics by Nada White Fluckiger, my mother-in-law.


A song about fulfilling the promises we've made to uplift others in their times of need.  Can be used for a women's choir or as a solo.  Ideal for lessons or talks on visiting/home teaching.




When all of us were with Him in our blessed heav'nly home,
He told us, sweet the story, earthly life would soon begin.
We promised we would help Him, keep each other free from sin,
And oft times now with veil draw thin,
When covenant strength begins to dim,
An inner voice so clear, yet gentle,
Reminds us of our earthly mantle:


To comfort the weary, to make each heart cheery,
This is your task in the world.
To love for its own sake, to take away heartache,
This is your task in the world.
When death's door has opened and taken life away;
A friend who's there, you'll know and care,
And lonliness will share.
To toil when hurts are doubled,
Let not your heart be troubled,
But tell our Father Dear you'll give your all.
His love will attend you;
His angels defend you
As you fill your place in the world.


(repeat CHORUS)