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May 24, 2024

October 7, 2023

July 23, 2020

Added lots!

May 19, 2017

Added a new duet arrangement of “Where Can I Turn For Peace“. This arrangement is ideal for men’s voices, but can also be sung as an alto/tenor duet.

April 6, 2017 

Brand new website just went live at petriefamily.org! How exciting! Stay tuned, new music to be added shortly!

September 12, 2012
Added two new songs, “Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine” (for Christmas!) and “I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go”.

November 2, 2010
Added two SATB arrangements, both a little majestic!  See “Hold to the Rod” and “High on the Mountain Top”.

September 27, 2009
Added an SATB arrangement of “The First Noel.”

February 15, 2009
Added an SATB arrangement of “Does the Journey Seem Long?.” September 1, 2007
Added an SATB arrangement entitled “Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me (Medley),” which is a medley of the hymn in the title and “Jesus, Lover of My Soul.”  Also added an SSA arrangement of “O My Father.

October 14, 2006
Added an SATB arrangement of “Choose the Right” and a moving solo piece entitled “Am I Ready?

July 21, 2006
Added lots:

June 23, 2005
Added an SAB original song about Joseph Smith entitled “If Any of You Lack Wisdom” (this is great for youth choirs!).  Also added an original SATB Christmas number, “Of Humble Birth,” that uses the chorus of “Angels We Have Heard on High.” May 29, 2004
Added a TTBB (a capella) arrangement of “Nearer, My God, to Thee.” April 21, 2004
Added an SATB arrangement of “Do What is Right.”  Also added two solo songs for which I did the music for someone else’s lyrics:  “He Has Set Me Free” and “The Master’s Canvas/My Relief Society.”  Also significantly updated “The Son Will Come” and “Silent Night Medley“; discard old copies of these if you have them and get these new ones. January 10, 2003
Added an SATB arrangement of “Love at Home.”  Hopefully the next addition will come sooner than this last one! December 12, 2001
Added two TTBB (men’s) a capella arrangements:  a traditional-sounding “Lead, Kindly Light” and a novel version of “Master, the Tempest is Raging,” with original music for verses 1 and 2 and familiar music for verse 3 and the chorus.  I always thought verses 1 and 2 from the hymnbook didn’t fit the music very well; I think the new music brings out the meaning of those verses better.
Also, various changes have been made to the website to comply with copyright restrictions; I had previously misinterpreted these restrictions.  Three songs were removed but can still be sent via email–the web page descriptions for these songs describe this simple process.  Three other songs were removed completely but may be re-posted; I am awaiting permission from the copyright owners to distribute them.  Word of advice:  In almost every case, copyright laws are more strict than you think.
Finally, we’re moving!  I am changing jobs and we are moving to Provo, UT.  So perhaps no new song additions for some time while we adjust to a new job and a new home.  How exciting! August 31, 2001
Added an SATB arrangement of “Silent Night,” hopefully in plenty of time for Christmas.  Also added “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer” as a violin or flute solo with piano accompaniment.  The piano part can be played alone as a piano solo too!  Also added an SATB a capella version of “Come Thou Fount,” which was previously available in TTBB only.  The SATB arrangement can be sung with the piano or organ playing the vocal parts–this can be done with all SATB a capella arrangements on this site.  Better to have the piano play along than to crash and burn without it. They really do sound nice with the piano. June 8, 2001
Added two vocal solos: “I Think When I Read That Sweet Story” from the children’s songbook and “Oil for Your Lamp,” an original song (includes optional violin or flute accompaniment) about the need to prepare for the Second Coming.  Also added a flute or violin duet of “O My Father” which also can be sung as a tenor/alto duet if you write in the words. March 21, 2001
Four new things!  1) An exciting SATB arrangement of “Praise to the Man,”  2) An easy-to-learn SAB arrangement of “Love One Another,”  3) A TTBB a capella arrangement of “Come Thou Fount,”  and 4) an optional piano part to the TTBB arrangement of “Away in a Manger.” November 10, 2000
Added an SATB arrangement of the familiar hymn, “Did You Think to Pray.”  Also added an arrangement of Janice Kapp Perry’s “We’ll Bring the World His Truth” for parents and children to sing.  This arrangement includes additional lyrics and a counterpoint part for the chorus.  Also added a duet version of the original song, “I Know My Savior Lives,” good for Christmas or Easter or any program about the Savior (this song used to be entitled “I Saw His Face”). July 17, 2000
Added an SATB arrangement of the familiar patriotic hymn, “America the Beautiful.”  Also added some information and resources for a neat ward or youth service project you may want to try, a Teacher Appreciation Night.  Includes a poem and some original songs about teaching and the impact of good teachers. April 6, 2000
Added the organ part for the piano/organ duet, “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief.” January 14, 2000
Added three new arrangements:  1) “Your Place in the World,” an alto/high soprano solo with piano and optional SSA accompaniment; this song is about serving others (originally written by my mother-in-law for a Relief Society visiting teachers’ conference), 2) “Away in a Manger,” the hymnbook version, for a TTBB (men’s) quartet or choir a capella, and 3) “Oh, Holy Words,” an SATB a capella medley of two or three hymns about prophets and revelation.  What else is new?  Alyssa Petrie was born on November 30, 1999 and is just about sleeping through the night already! August 27, 1999
Added an SATB arrangement of the LDS hymn, “Oh, What Songs of the Heart.” May 13, 1999
Added an arrangement of the LDS hymn, “Dearest Children, God is Near You” for two voices (either alto and tenor or regular voices). March 3, 1999
Added an a capella TTBB (men’s quartet) arrangement of “Abide With Me; ‘Tis Eventide,” from the LDS hymnbook. January 20, 1999
Added an SATB a capella arrangement of “Beautiful Savior” (found in the LDS Children’s Songbook and the LDS Choirbook).  Can be sung a capella or with the piano or organ playing the vocal parts.  Good for Easter programs! December 30, 1998
Added an instrumental (flute or violin and piano) arrangement of “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief.”  Also added an original vocal solo, “I Saw His Face,” a song portraying three experiences of individuals from the Bible with the Savior. November 25, 1998
Added an SSA arrangement of the LDS Sacrament hymn, “In Humility, Our Savior.” October 28, 1998
Added an original SATB piece, “The Son Will Come,”  a song expressing the need for a savior.  Appropriate for Christmas, Easter, or general Sacrament Meeting use.  Also posted notices that I am creating a “What’s New?” mailing list. October 7, 1998
Added an SATB arramgement of “Mary’s Lullaby,” a Christmas song from the LDS Children’s Songbook.  Nice as part of a Christmas program; should be easy to learn. September 2, 1998
Added an SATB arramgement of LDS Hymn #166, “Abide With Me!”  Also added another version of the 4-verse orignal hymn, “My Burden is Light.” August 28, 1998
Added an SATB arramgement of LDS Hymn #291, “Turn Your Hearts,” a hymn about temple work. Vocal parts only; the piano or organ can play along with the voices or the song can be performed a capella. August 14, 1998
Added an original solo entitled, “Give Me Thy Burden for a Moment.”  A few cosmetic changes to the web pages as well. May 28, 1998
Added an SATB arrangement of “In Hymns of Praise.” May 13, 1998
Added an SATB arrangement of “Lord, I Would Follow Thee.”  Also updated all songs to list the proper URL address and contact information under the copyright notice. May 8, 1998
A new home!  Free LDS Sheet Music by Craig Petrie is now located at http://www.petriefamily.org/ldsmusic (this site).  Thanks to Steve Petrie (my dad) for setting up www.petriefamily.org.May 7, 1998
Added an SATB arrangement of “Secret Prayer“.  The URL and email address on the sheet music is not activated yet, but should be soon. April 30, 1998
Added an SSA arrangement of “Lord, I Would Follow Thee”. April 23, 1998
Everything!  Site just went on line with the following songs available: “In My Home”, “My Burden is Light”, and “Seek First the Kingdom of God”.  I plan to add songs regularly, so check back to this page often (add a bookmark!) to track new additions.  For suggestions or requests please contact me.